If your child has never taken swimming lessons before, then you could not know what to expect. The following are ways that you can prepare for your first swim lesson as explained by experts from senja cashew swimming lessons:

Get here early

For your initial lesson aim to arrive at least minutes before the lesson starts. Check in with the office signing waiver and we can show you around the facility. You don’t want rushing into the pool area right as the lesson starts.

Bring your child when they are ready to get into the water

Have your children to be in their attire for swimming and take off their shoes to be ready for entering the water. Such preparations make your child to be ready physically and mentally for getting in the water, saving you the hassle of changing them quickly before the lessons.

Pack your bag

Ensure that your pack a swimming diaper and a diaper if necessary, a towel an extra bag for shoes, wet clothes, change of clothes and a snack for the swimmer for after lessons. You need to have goggles and other equipment for pools that swimmers can use during their lessons.