In the case of professions that require a great deal of attention and effort, the time that’s dedicated to work can be immense and can often leave individuals with little time to truly process their feelings and find ways to work through them. This is particularly true of teachers.  For instances, as many school days will test teachers past their absolute last bit of patience, finding the ability to calibrate and level out both their mental and physical health can feel impossible. This is in part due to the limited amount of time they have to do so at the end of any school day. While it’s true teachers do have time to themselves on the weekends, some of that time will may have to be dedicated to developing a lesson plan or activity for their classroom for the coming week. Whatever the case might be, teachers need to utilize the time they have away from the classroom to establish routines and habits that are most beneficial to themselves amidst the on-going chaos. These strategies, known as self-care, have been cited to be extremely beneficial to the physical, mental, and emotional health on the teachers that use them. Want to learn more about how these strategies can positively impact your life and your career? Proceed to the resource incorporated alongside this post for additional information regarding self-care in the educational sector.

Teacher Self-Care 101

Teacher Self-Care 101, provided by Curriculum Associates; an organization offering educational materials designed for the k-5 reading programs level.