As far as college recruitment goes, colleges simply having a strong presence online isn’t enough to successfully connect to prospective students anymore. It takes research and constant development to stay up to date with the ever-changing digital behavior of the incoming student body. For those tasked with drawing students in, understanding the impact of social media and other platforms on recruitment is critical. One example of this is the platform TikTok. In 2020, the platform saw an incredible growth rate of from the year prior, made up significantly of high school students. Because the average incoming student spends more than eight hours online daily, more and more colleges are beginning to create content on these students favorite platforms. What’s more, this content is considerably short and often to the point, which makes it easier for colleges to adapt with ease. To match this preferred format, colleges and universities are tasked with creating engaging yet shortened content meant to drive action in their audience. To learn more about the ways in which colleges are crafting this content and how it is playing a role in the recruitment of students, be sure to check out the resource supported alongside this post.

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