Selecting the right school for your child can be confusing, especially because there are just too many choices and no room for any compromises. The right school can make a big difference to your child’s life, and we are not talking of basic education here. It is about having core values, learning beyond the curriculum, and being kind and useful to others. Many schools boast of a great virtual middle school program, but what sets one part from others are the core values. In this post, we are going to share all that parents need to know.

Check vision and values

Treating other people right should be one of the core values of any school. Students need to know that empathy is a virtue, and your child should be allowed to ask questions and be as curious as possible. Secondly, check if the school allows kids to take risks and go for first experiences. A good school allows for different cultures and mindsets to come together and co-exist, and therefore, their approach to education does matter. Students should also have the freedom to learn at their own pace, and while competition is healthy, they shouldn’t be pitted against one another.

Be there in person

If you really want to know a school better, make sure to be there in person. This is something that parents often ignore. Keep in mind that a website only gives an overview of what to expect in terms of student experience. You can only feel the vibe in person. Talk to their counselors and faculty members, find more about additional experiences, programs, and summer programs that the school offers, and ask relevant questions. In the current pandemic, it is also important to check how the school will continue with virtual education and steps they have taken to ease the stress for kids.

Ask around

Finally, do ask around. Talk to fellow parents and find more on why a school is better than others. You may also want to review what the school offers in terms of extras, and if the child will be allowed to take part in specific courses, or programs that they are interested in. Fellow parents and your neighbors can offer more details, especially because they have followed a similar process for selecting the same school for their child.

Check online now to find more on neighborhood schools and compare them in detail.