Education is a profession that provides the opportunity to have positive impacts on others. It lets you gush about your passion while you gain fresh insight every day. For some people, becoming a teacher is a lifelong career. Others pursue a career as an educator while in college or after earning a degree and gaining experience in a different field. No matter the specific path, you will want to assess the real reasons for pursuing a degree in education at Rockford University in Illinois. At the university, you can choose early childhood education or elementary education if you have a natural love for children. Let’s explore the reasons you might want to pursue this degree:

Teaching Offers Real Job Security

As with nurses and doctors, the teaching profession is always in demand. The number of teachers working in the country’s elementary and secondary schools is expected to rise every year, which means there is always a place for you when you choose to be a teacher. Usually, a Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement if you wish to pursue a career in teaching.

Your Degree Prepares You

Pursuing a degree in education prepares you for the job you want when you graduate. Although the education programs for some professions focus more on theory instead of real-world application, degree programs at Rockford University make sure that you get lots of experience applying theory to practical situations in actual classrooms. You will be ready to teach children when you graduate and be more prepared to handle any stressors that may come from working in a classroom.

You Want to Tap into the Power of Education to Change Lives

Education has a long-term impact on the lives of students, especially those from low-income families that cannot offer their kids the same opportunities others are afforded throughout their lives. If you are serious about helping shape children’s future, you want to pursue a degree in education at Rockford University and learn how to develop positive relationships with students in the 21st-century classrooms.

You are Drawn to the Flexibility of the Career

If you choose to become a teacher, you may be able to teach different subjects and in different schools, keeping your profession fresh. You can pursue a Ph.D. and teach as a professor or take a new approach in a private school, become a principle, or spend summers as an environmental educator. There is a growing need for educators in various fields and settings across the globe. By gaining a Bachelor’s degree in education, you will have a family-friendly career that can also be flexible and mobile.