Classical education relies on a three-part process of mind training. During the early years of school (grammar stage), your child absorbs fact, that lays the foundation for advanced study. In the middle grades (logic stage), they learn to think through arguments. And in the high school years (rhetoric stage), your child learns to express themselves. Students use their foundation of grammar and logic to organize as well as effectively communicate thoughtful and strong arguments. The best Christian school adopts classical education that concentrates on academic mastery.

Classical Education Today

Classical education can offer a roadmap for students to learn and grow. It starts as an exploration and celebration of the human condition, where students learn the history of people and culture through hands-on discovery. Over time, the educational approach focuses on giving students a platform to develop critical thinking skills by asking questions. Classical education makes students aware of moral significance of others as well as creates world change and opportunity.

Moreover, classical education is more than just a patter of learning. It is language-focused. Students learn through written and spoken words instead of through images. Language requires the mind to work harder. When your child reads, their brain is forced to translate a symbol into a concept. Images like those on TV and videos let the mind be passive.

Benefits of Classical Education

Classical education offers the following benefits to students:

  • It helps them develop a fundamental skill set. Classical education teaches students facts, offers them logical tools to use those facts, and perfect their ability to relate such facts to others. This basic skill set is more valuable today than ever. This educational approach helps students draw original, creative, and accurate conclusions from facts that they can formulate into logical and persuasive arguments.
  • It helps students love life-long learning. Classical education teaches students how to think and live. It helps students read and write and think logically and creatively. It challenges students who can uniquely leverage their natural abilities during various stages of childhood. It offers a basic structure to build effective, successful students who love life-long learning.
  • It teaches subjects based on God’s existence. Classical Christian schools teach their subjects based on the principle that God created of all things that exist, and thus, all knowledge is interrelated and points back to Him. Students apply biblical standards of conduct in all aspects of school life as they acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.