If you have an NSW licence, you can take a safe driving course to become a better driver. The key to staying safe on the road is having the knowledge and experience necessary to handle different situations. When you are prepared to drive, you will know what to do in different scenarios. You can have confidence knowing that you and your loved ones will be safe when you are behind the wheel.

The Benefits of Attending a Safe Driving Course

There are many different benefits to attending a safe driving course. First of all, you will become a safe P-plate driver. One of the difficulties of learning to drive is that so much is unfamiliar. Driving is very different from being a passenger, and you need to develop feeling and understanding of how to handle different situations. This course gives you that opportunity.

You will learn how to identify potential road hazards and how to reduce your risk of having an accident. In addition, you will gain 20 logbook hours of driving in just five hours of class and you will learn low-risk driving techniques. The course is affordable and helps you develop valuable skills that you can use on the road.

What You Learn

The course consists of two components. The first module is a three-hour interactive group discussion. You will be with ten to twelve other learner drivers, and together you will explore strategies and techniques that lead to safer driving. The session is engaging with videos and other learning tools that everyone can experience. It includes topics, such as hazard management, external and internal influences or distractions, proper following distance, and more.

The second module is two hours of actual driving coaching with two learner drivers and an instructor. There will be a set route and each learner driver will have opportunities to practice the skills you learn. The goal of this course is to reduce the risk of crashes and you will learn how to check your personal compass, recognise and respond to hazards, and engage in low-risk driving.

Final Words

When you are learning to drive, experience and knowledge will help you to reduce the risk of dangers on the road. Taking a safe driving course can help you gain important skills and knowledge so that you will be a safer driver. You can learn in an engaging environment with other learner drivers and a professional instructor. After discussing low-risk techniques, you get an opportunity to put them into practice. In addition, you get 20 logbook hours in just five hours of instruction.