Your child deserves the best in everything, and as a parent, you may have to take many serious decisions early on. There is very little time to decide on the kind of daycare or preschool you want for your child, but if you want the kid to learn more than just the basic curriculum, immersion education could be a choice. For those who don’t know, immersion education is about learning two languages. The target language – typically Spanish, German, or French- is used as the medium of instruction in the school. While immersion education may seem like a new concept to many parents, this is a norm in many countries. Allowing your child to thrive in a bilingual environment does have many benefits.

‘Will my child be able to speak English?’

That’s often the first question parents have in mind while selecting dual language daycare. Well, immersion education focuses on both languages, and outside the school, your child spends maximum time at home and with people around, so English-speaking capabilities are never compromised.

 Benefits at a glance

There are many benefits of immersion education, as research and studies show. Kids are more likely to pick up the nuances of a language early on in their life, and it allows them to have a better chance at learning a second language full-time, if the kid wants, later in life. It further helps in finding better education and employment abilities. At a young age, immersion education can help in developing the cognitive and understanding skills of the child.

How to find a dual language school?

The environment is one of the key aspects to consider while selecting a dual language school. Ensure that the teachers are native-language speakers, and the target language is included in the best possible, even outside classroom lessons, so that the child gets the best possible exposure. We recommend parents to visit the preschool in person to understand what immersion education may mean for their child. Students also get time with families, many schools offer organic breakfasts, incredible care, and assured personal attention. From an early stage in life, kids get to learn virtues like empathy, kindness, leadership, and being a part of a large group.

While immersion education is a choice, it could be a great decision for your child. You will be surprised to know even average kids do well in dual-language schools. Just do your homework on immersion education before you decide on a preschool.