Some say that learning a language is not easy, but with determination, it is a different story. The Korean language has gained popularity due to their entertainment industry, from music, dramas and cultures. Apart from that, some people also learn Korean for business purposes.

As you discovered and became interested in a language, there might be a little spark that lights your curiosity to learn more about it. Whether you are using it for business or to flex on your friends, learning a language is an unforgettable experience. As technology continues to develop, you can now easily learn Korean online from home! Here are the things that you can prepare before starting your class.

Check Your Learning Media and Internet Network

The first to you want to prepare is to make sure that your learning media is working properly. Whether you use your laptop or smartphone, double-check if it can produce sounds and access your class. If you are using a webcam and a headset, make sure that they work as well.

Now that your learning media is good to go, have you prepared your internet connection yet? Internet connection is another main component of online learning, and you may want to test it the night before your class. Is your internet connection fast enough? Is it stable? If not, contact your internet services for a fix.

Get to Know Hangul

Hangul is the alphabet system of the Korean language. If you are not familiar with Hangul, you might see it quite similar to the Japanese and Chinese alphabet. However, the three of them are different. Before you learn Korean online, you do not need to memorize every Hangul alphabets. You just need to familiarize your eyes with them.

The Hangul has 24 letters: 14 consonants and 10 vowels. You will most likely learn them with your tutor. After that, keep practicing until you are able to write and read Hangul.

Collect Korean Vocabularies

The best way to collect vocabularies is by using the flashcard method. Pick a theme for your stack of flashcard (fruits, for example) and start writing the Korean word on one side and the translation to your language on the other side. Each day, you can add more new words and create a new stack of flashcard with a different theme.

In conclusion, when you want to learn Korean online, it is best to be well prepared. Getting to know the Korean language beforehand is a great thing to do as you won’t feel lost when you are attending your class. Happy learning!